High speed computerized multi-needle chain stitch quilting sewing machine (180° standard pattern and 360°)
quilting sewing machines

Quilting Machine SPECIAL FUNCTION:

 Thread brake detector.
 Thread cutting and fabric winding system.
 Using air cylinder for thread cutting tail length.
 X, Y control with powerful Japan Panasonic Servo Motors that are able to quilt materials up to 50mm thick.
 Carriage movement 450mm can quilt very large patterns.
 Error problem detection system.
 CAD Pattern drawing pattern system allows you to create your own designs.
 Machine comes with 100-300 design patterns.
 Able to quilt  360 degree and 180 degree patterns Tack Jump pattern.

Technical Specification:

 Size (length*width*height)  4800 x 1220 x 2000(mm)
 Weight  3500kg
 Quilt width  2450mm
 RPM  750-950 RPM
 Production speed  65-180 m/h
 Needle type  160/23  180/24
 Needle arrangement   (50.8, 76.2, 127) (76.2, 76.2, 152.4)
 Max. horizontal movement  450mm
 Needle space  25.4mm
 Voltage  380V 50Hz  220V 60Hz
 Max. Stitch size  2-7 mm
 Power  4.5 KW
 Quilting thickness  ≤50mm


Mattress panel, pads, bedspreads, bedding, comforters and so on.


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Installation Layout:

quilting sewing machinery
quilting sewing machinery