HC3000 High speed computerized multi-function Chain Stitch quilting machine.
(180° Standard Pattern and 360° Tack & Jump Pattern)
HC3500 High speed computerized multineedle shuttle less quilting machine


• Heavy Duty HC3000 Quilting Machine is our advantage model basic on HC2500 model.With all basic function of HC2500,heavy duty HC3000 is revealing its remarkable characteristic.
• New Fabric loading design. Easy loading material.
• Tilted body design. Easy to operate and maintain.
• Thread brake detector
• Using air cylinder for thread cutting tail length
• Operated using high quality sealed bearings that do not need lubrication.
• Adjustable presser foot lifting mechanism enables you to quilt a broad range of material thickness.
• Emergency safety devices
• Improved quilting software control system allows more precise and stable quilting operations.
• CAD Pattern drawing ,pattern system allows you to create your own designs.
• Machine comes with 100-300 design patterns.
• Error problem detection system.
• Pattern compensation.

Technical Specification:

Size(L*W*H) 5100X1500X2000(mm)
Wdigh 4500kg
Rotation speed 2450mm
Production speed 600-1200 PRM
Production speed 80-230 m/h
Needle size 130/21 140/22  160/23  180/24
Needle arrangement



Max.horizontal movement 450mm
Needle space 25.4mm
Voltage 380V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
Stitch 2-7 mm
Power 8 KW
Quilting thickness ≤80mm

19-inch Liquid Crystal Display

19-inch Liquid Crystal Display Newest double-bearing needle Row supplrt New hopper balance system Pneumatic System For Pressing Foams


Mattress Comforter Clothing Handbag Glove Sleeping bag All bed equipment of pattern.